Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mar 22st 2017 update

Since my last post I have used the following resources
Courses from Sally Walker. INSERT WEB ADDRESS HERE.
Bits of Script perpetrations also complied by Sally Walker.

I have read the following
             Rescuers defying the Nazis: Non-Jewish teens who rescued Jews.  By Toby Axelrod.
            The information in this book is solid.  The facts are clearly presented and italics make it clear which pieces of the book are direct accounts from different teens.  This book has a bad habit of focusing on the teen aspect so much that it becomes patronizing.  It also has a bad habit of in almost every chapter repeating at least once sometimes more than they did this in the face of danger.  This is a known fact by the third chapter and it’s still been beaten in so hard that It becomes numbing. 

      Anything But Typical by 

            Despite a few places where the book was repetitive it is a worthwhile read for children and parents alike.  The author did a good job of letting readers feel like they are in the head of an autistic narrator.  The repetitiveness related to the autism is wonderful however when the author tells and shows in the same chapter, even the same page doesn’t enhance the experience.  This book may have more value for readers who aren’t autistic because while the book is about the autistic boys experience the lessons are actually learned by the mother and how to be present for her son. This book would also act as a great tool to expose peers to how an autistic peer may think or feel in anxious situations. 

            Roadfood is a wonderful compilation of restaurants throughout the country.  I took this book along with us when we took a trip and we were glad we had it.  The descriptions were just enough to entice us to try some places while leaving some of the magic of the stops to unveil themselves upon arrival.  The information including pricing was up to date.  The maps were confusing in a couple of places however the maps aren’t designed to get you to the door rather to help travelers plan trips in specific cities.  I would highly suggest mapping out places before hand or turning to a preferred GPS device.  If you like tor try new places and or want to plan your eating adventures before hand instead of settling for McDonalds on a vacation this is a book for any traveler.

I have worked on the following
             I have set aside Frank Frost in to focus on working on my bits of script piece. 
I’m working on the following
            The son by Phillipp Meyer.  I had to turn it in to the library because there was a hold on it. I will request it and hopefully be able to continue soon. Thus far i am more interested in one story line than the other two.  I’m hoping the reason for having three different protagonists and three different time periods presents itself.


What is your favorite encyclopedia style book that you always go back to? Examples would be Roadfood, 1001 books to read before you die, the Booklust series.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 27 best sellers.

This Week's Bestsellers: February 27, 2017 -

 Here is something I need to start following a little more closely. 
 After clicking on the link I'm excited to see the publishers weekly archives the best sellers
 So tell me, what will you be reading next?