Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August 24, 2016 update

I have read the following
            Harry potter and the cursed child.
            I found the journey fun, but that was because I knew the characters and the would.  I doubt this would have worked if readers weren’t already invested in the characters.  I felt like I was reading fanfiction instead of a continuation of the original story.   That being said the end was disappointing.  Readers went on a journey to end up at almost the same place.  It felt like the ending of Rosanne where viewers found to that the last two seasons were just a dream.  Readers watched a protagonist go on a hero’s journey to see someone else change. 
I have worked on the following
            I am still working on my snowflake for my first mystery. 
            I am also looking into ghostwriting, resume writing, and of course continuing education.  

            I am going to be writing for a local street newspaper.